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Hi! I’m Neelam,

A lifestyle blogger 

I'm a multipotentialite. Having an interest in many different interests and creative pursuits, I have developed a passion for people who are enthusiastic when they talk and share ideas about their passions. I am constantly searching for new ideas and lifestyles that make people more passionate about their lives.

Here you will know how I found my happiness in life, and how others have inspired me to live a life I always dreamt about leading. The idea behind the creation of "The Souvenoir" was to bring people together, who are passionate about their hobby and want to bring more meaning into their life by making their hobby into something more significant than it already is. The Souvenoir aspires to make each day of living a gift, and a pursuit of more value in life.
For a very long time, it has been a dream of mine to create a club with a group of people, irrespective of age and gender, and bring them together to enjoy life together by doing things that they love. The idea was born when I was preparing for an exhibition at my school with my classmate, where all the students came together to develop and create something on their own. The joy and happiness of childhood are lost as we grow up. And the regret of not living life enough is always there as an adult. The Souvenoir breaks that barrier and makes it happen again, bringing people together to enjoy and be creative and live their childhood again and again.

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